Across Magazine: A reference to the local Kiev landscape, and in particular the river Dniper

Across Magazine: A reference to the local Kiev landscape, and in particular the river Dniper

Leslie Jones Architecture in London and Urban Experts in Kiev have been appointed by international developers Immochan Ukraine to design the interior of Rive Gauche shopping and entertainment complex in Kiev. With nearly 400 shopping centers managed in 12 countries across Europe and Asia, Immochan is one of today’s leading European commercial real estate companies for shopping centers. Simon Scott, Head of International Business at Leslie Jones Architecture, reveals details about Rive Gauche’s interior design.

ACROSSRive Gauche in Ukraine is the first project Leslie Jones Architecture has worked on with international development company Immochan. Could you tell us a bit more about the overall experience?


SIMON SCOTT: Although I have personally had discussions in the past about project opportunities with Immochan, this is our (Leslie Jones Architecture’s) first time working with them, and the experience has been very positive. Developing our approach to mall interior design to suit the client’s core concept of ‘be our guest’ is also interesting for us, as we take a user focused approach to design. Certainly, from our point of view, the opportunity to work with Immochan allows us to expand our collaboration with our partners in Ukraine – architectural company Urban Experts. Through this collaboration, we are able to use the international expertise of Leslie Jones and blend it with Urban Experts’ local knowledge in Ukraine and the numerous retail projects they have undertaken. From my own perspective, that is a unique selling point, which most likely resulted in us being selected to undertake the project with Immochan.


ACROSS: What is unique about Rive Gauche’s interior design solutions?

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May 10, 2018

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