About us


Efficient Response

Our competitive advantage is our ability to deliver project efficiently, without compromising quality. Our clients always know when we are starting a project and when they will see the end result.

Full Project Support

We provide support at all levels for our clients – from developing the concept to making commercial decisions. We ensure there is a smooth transition from each stage of the development, being a mediator between our client and the contractors.

All in One Window Service

When working with us, our client receives access to the best specialists in urban development, including architecture and marketing. Our multifaceted approach ensures efficient use of the client’s time and financial resources.

Using the customer’s time, financial resources and property with 100% efficiency.

There is no common recipe for the design of someone’s house. It is a resonance of the person’s spirit. The fundamental principles of the design are to fulfil functional requirements and provide allowance for adaptation, both in terms of flexibility and the ability to respond to the inhabitant’s development, over time. The successful house inspires its inhabitants while seamlessly providing for their daily needs.

Leslie Jones Architects have a long and respected track record in the design of successful mixed use developments. Our London team includes individuals from our Masterplanning, Architecture and Interior Design disciplines and fuses their combined experience across retail, residential, hospitality and leisure sectors.

In collaboration with our clients, we consistently create the high quality commercially sound design solutions.

Our creations are the result of a uniquely sensitive response to location, culture, environment, architecture, and paramount to all, our clients’ aspirations.

All of these elements, combined in tandem with Leslie Jones Architects extensive knowledge of masterplanning, architecture, interior design, and place making allows us to create bespoke and holistic designs that deliver your vision

January 14, 2017