What retail space will be in demand in 2021

Retail sphere is one of the most affected by corona. Despite this, it is time to look for new sales channels, for example online, at the same time offline should not be abandoned. The success of the latter depends on the correct location of the outlets. Vitalii Boiko, CEO Urban Experts/ NAI Ukraine, has told to Mind.ua which shopping space will be in demand in the near future The article is available on Russian and Ukrainian languages.
February 8, 2021

Valentyn Uvarov – speaker at the URE Club zoom meeting

On January 28, a zoom meeting was held devoted to the  analysis of the residential real estate market. Valentin Uvarov, Head of conceptual architecture at Urban Experts, spoke about the COVID trends in residential architecture.  Event organizer: Ukrainian Real Estate Club Marina Gurevych, Head of the consulting department at NAI Ukraine, also shared her vision of the market transformation processes, strengthened by the coronavirus, and the forecast for the development of these trends in 2021. During the meeting, Valentyn Uvarov spoke about the reassessment of population mobility in the city, region, country and the world as a whole. Indeed, during... [read more]
January 29, 2021

In Europe, the heart of the city is the market or town square

In Europe, the heart of the city is the market or town square. Such squares act as the center of city life, because the buildings located there are most often civic centers, temples, small shops and restaurants. The square is formed by buildings, because the main characteristic is a certain space. In other words, the square can be viewed as a large outer room, the walls of which are the surrounding facades of the buildings. Urban Experts architects design entire cities and towns. In master planning, we always pay attention to every element. For example, in an elite suburban complex,... [read more]
January 12, 2021

The Urban Experts team presented the final interior design concept for the Podolyany Mall

We did not just create a new design, but looked differently at the architecture of the building, which used to be a reinforced concrete military structure. The grandeur and at the same time the lightness of architectural forms, a lot of light and air created by colored stained-glass windows with decorative illumination, a variety of shapes and natural textures - did everything to make visitors feel comfortable and did not want to leave. The Podolyany shopping and entertainment center won the prestigious international award European Property Awards 2020. The Podolyany Mall project, which unites the already operating Podolyany shopping and... [read more]
January 8, 2021

Successful shopping mall design: tips and life hacks from Urban Experts specialists

Before starting any project, we carefully study the features of the region - for this, we use a mood board. Collecting images with a palette of colors, textures, landscapes and typographic elements. For example, to create the second stage of the "Podolyany Mall" initially, we based on the Western Ukraine nature, but later sketches have been transformed into modern design elements! Straw is one of the details that we managed to «urbanize» - a traditional Ukrainian material used for building. A straw texture marks the ceiling line, also we decided to planted the tree right in the middle of the... [read more]
January 5, 2021

Valentyn Uvarov – speaker at the conference “Problems and development prospects of the Odessa construction complex”

On December 18, the Head of the conceptual architecture at Urban Experts Valentyn Uvarov took part in the plenary session of the III Ukrainian Scientific and Practical Conference "Problems and development prospects of the Odessa construction complex” During the conference, the participants discussed building regulations for the City, the problems of suburban areas, an integrated approach to the renovation of historical quarters in the city center, as well as scientific and technical support, monitoring of new construction, reconstruction, restoration and maintenance of urban development facilities. For his part, Valentyn Uvarov spoke about the implementation of international experience in projects for... [read more]
December 22, 2020

OCEAN MALL was recognized as a winner in the category “Retail Real Estate Project” according to the IBuild 2020

Ibuild 2020 - Ukrainian annual award, which determines the best specialists, projects, objects and enterprises in the construction industry. The main goal of the competition is to draw attention to the achievements of companies and market players, as well as evaluate the contribution to the development of the construction industry in Ukraine. The organizer of this award, which is the most reliable in the sphere of construction and real estate, is the specialized association -  the Confederation of Builders of Ukraine. Uniqueness of the shopping and entertainment center “Ocean Mall” This is the third mega-mall in Kiev. In 2016, the... [read more]
December 18, 2020

Urban Experts is a winner of the National Award “Country Choice” 2020 in the “Architecture and Design” category

We are delighted to announce that Urban Experts was recognized as the Best Architecture & Design Company 2020 according to the National Country Choice Award. Country Choice is the national business award in Ukraine, which determines the best companies in various industries. The assessment methodology includes the analysis of 49 open sources of information about Ukrainian companies and the assessment method URSA-50, which analyzes all Ukrainian companies using a mathematical formula and segments them. Taken together, this guarantees high quality and transparency of research projects. The award is given only to one company in each direction of business activities and... [read more]
December 16, 2020