From now all Urban Experts’ projects are BREEAM certified

Urban Experts is a licensed assessor company in certification of projects and buildings according to the BREEAM INTERNATIONAL New Construction and BREEAM In-Use standards.

BREEAM is an international environmental certification system. This standard confirms that the building is comfortable, cost-effective and safe for the environment

For our clients, it means that we can develop concept, reconception, design, design facilities that are not only aesthetically attractive and commercially efficient, but also environmentally friendly and cost efficient in exploitation, which is recognized by the international community and confirmed by the BREEAM certificate The criteria of the standard are laid down at the design stage, which makes the process of further certification less time consuming and more efficient, including in financial terms.

Urban Experts is licensed in two areas:

BREEAM INTERNATIONAL New construction — can be used to assess the design, construction, intended use and future-proofing of new building developments, including the local, natural or manmade environment surrounding the building

BREEAM INTERNATIONAL In-Use — is a performance based assessment method and certification scheme for existing non-domestic buildings.

Why is it important for projects and buildings?

  • Smarter and more efficient use of resources in the project at the preliminary stage and much lower operating costs later;
  • Increased ability to create value that demonstrates concern for future generations and the environment, and is economically feasible at the same time;
  • Confidence in providing the most comfortable, ecological and healthy spaces for life and activity;
  • Sustainable demand and recognition  by the tenants and other real estate users;
  • Quality that reduces investment and development risks;
  • Profit maximization, because certified facilities are more cost-effective and have a higher market value;
  • Match the world’s best practices for creating and managing of eco- friendly real estate;
  • International recognition of the value and long-term quality of the project.

The Urban Experts team brings together professionals of different profiles, from brokers to engineers. Our expertise in real estate covers everything from idea and its creation to exploitation. Therefore, our proposals are complex. They take into account many factors and allow to create real estate on the principles of truly «sustainable» development and effective at any stage of its life cycle.


June 22, 2020

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