Green building: realities, costs, certification

Waste or investment: green construction is becoming more popular on the Ukrainian real estate market.

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Author – Sergii Franchuk, chief architect at Urban Experts.

Ecological architecture in Ukraine began to appear in the suburbs in the form of country houses made of adobe and straw.

For a Ukrainian customer, this seemed strange.

Although in Ukraine ecological construction takes place mainly outside the city, ecological architecture has already moved to the city.

It begins to develop rapidly in the form of green roofs, facades, energy-saving technologies and takes a confident position not only in ecodesign, but also in the engineering of modern houses.

Energy efficient technologies – market trend

There are more and more healthy construction projects on the Ukrainian real estate market. This is mainly reflected in the energy efficiency of buildings. Energy efficient technologies can reduce energy consumption, reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere and, consequently, a negative impact on nature.

Buying an apartment: where to build housing in Ukraine and how to check the quality

Now in Ukraine whole complexes are being certified according to LEED and BREEAM standards. The ActiveHouse certification is also rapidly developing. These standards are aimed at creating sustainable houses.

Additional costs for sustainable construction

For certification additional costs can be: 0-4% for most standard sustainable structures, 0-10% for buildings with a higher certification level, 2-12.5% for buildings with a high certification level.

Eco-friendly buildings are a good investment, despite the additional costs, as the demand for healthy properties is only growing.


Urban Experts is a licensed assessor company in certification of projects and buildings according to the BREEAM INTERNATIONAL New Construction and BREEAM In-Use standards.

October 2, 2020

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