In Europe, the heart of the city is the market or town square

In Europe, the heart of the city is the market or town square

In Europe, the heart of the city is the market or town square. Such squares act as the center of city life, because the buildings located there are most often civic centers, temples, small shops and restaurants.

The square is formed by buildings, because the main characteristic is a certain space. In other words, the square can be viewed as a large outer room, the walls of which are the surrounding facades of the buildings.

Urban Experts architects design entire cities and towns. In master planning, we always pay attention to every element. For example, in an elite suburban complex, we decided to add European style by designing a square.

Fun fact: It is similar in size to the market square in Kingston upon Thames, a university town of 175,000.

A fountain will be located on the square, which will give it a unique character and a feeling of coolness in summer.


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January 12, 2021

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