New interior in Podolyany: for those who missed freedom and space

New interior in Podolyany: for those who missed freedom and space

As long as the nationwide quarantine continues and Ukrainians have plenty of time for leisure at home, shopping and entertainment centers can make an effort to attract as many visitors as possible after the restrictive measures are completed. This strategy is followed by one of the largest regional shopping malls in Western Ukraine “Podolyany”.

The owners of the “Podolyany” shopping mall decided not to waste time on a simple area during quarantine and to pleasantly surprise their guests, so they planned to make their mall even more comfortable and cozy. The architectural bureau Urban Experts is redesigning. The team of architects plans to update the interior in such a way as to amaze visitors with its scope, lots of light and shop windows.

New interior in Podolyany

The updated design provides the most open ceiling with an emphasis on modern lighting solutions


More light, more height

Today “Podolyany” is a center of family recreation and leisure with an area of ​​50,000 square meters. The center is located in the building of a former military plant, with its existing reinforced concrete structure and high trusses reaching more than 7 m. It was useless to talk about the excess light from them, even if natural light got inside. So the first task for the designers of Urban Experts was to fill the interior with light, so that shopping and entertainment areas create a feeling of freedom and space.

“This task has been accomplished by modernizing the space by opening trusses and using their initial height. The renovation will apply to the central atrium and two floors. The updated design uses natural materials, colorful decorative lighting, existing structures are decorated with decorative elements – rails, lamps and beams “- comments Anastasia Kurylova, designer-architect of Urban Experts.

It will be possible to modernize an atrium and without cardinal changes. The shopping and entertainment space, as seen in the photo, will be more modern, brighter and more spacious in the updated version. In addition, visitors’ attention will be focused more on shop windows and signs, and the visual decoration will only emphasize and shade them.

The design implemented by the Urban Experts team aims to strengthen the main functions of the commercial object, and not to attract the attention of visitors. The architects assumed that it was more comfortable and pleasant for people to be in a bright, visually spacious room. And especially after countless weeks of staying in cozy but relatively small apartments. The modern interior of Podolyany will attract guests to shopping, communication and leisure, which everyone missed so much.


Design for the benefit of tenants and to the delight of visitors

 Another challenge for the designers of Urban Experts was to modernize the adaptive areas in the interior of the mall, which are used for conferences and seminars, exhibitions and fairs. It is a space that must undergo many transformations and at the same time always remain solemn, widely functional, spacious and as open as possible.

Due to the same grilyato, the mall significantly lost in space. “The design we offer allows you to use the volumes that were previously hidden from the eyes of visitors. Within the closed space of the covered building, it was possible to achieve immensity, lightness and expanse, which will appeal to every guest. In such an interior, you want to spend more time either shopping or having fun, ” says Boris Slazhnev, a leading architect at Urban Experts.

New interior in Podolyany

The festivity and solemnity of the central atrium is emphasized by specially designed lighting solutions

 Guests of “Podolyany” will definitely appreciate the RGB-lighting, which works according to different scenarios. It successfully draws attention to the user’s accents, whether during lectures, conferences or exhibitions.

In addition, skillfully selected lighting, as well as maximum open space, will improve the visibility and presentability of retail space. The quality of shops in “Podolyany” reaches a new level: the tenant will get more attractive and visible locations, and visitors will more easily and comfortably master the navigation of the shopping center.

The new interior design of Podolyany shopping mall involves the use of materials such as fire-resistant plywood, composite and metal rails. This is a modern and practical solution in the decoration of everyday space. However, it should be complemented by bright lighting, as everyday becomes festive and impressive.

The project of a new interior for the Podolyany shopping mall was implemented by the Urban Experts team in an extremely short time, given the intentions of the owners to maximize the time spent in quarantine. The redesign is designed to make a pleasant impression on guests and encourage them to visit the renovated mall more often.

Seo Team
May 5, 2020