Ocean Mall Interior: what’s inside the iceberg?

Ocean Mall Interior: what’s inside the iceberg?

At the end of 2020, the Ocean Mall shopping and entertainment center will open in Kiev.

Market leaders are working on the project – the concept of the object was developed by Leslie Jones Architecture and NAI Ukraine, and the company also provides consulting support for the design. The architecture is created by A. Pashenko’s Workshop, constructive and engineering – by BIP-PM, and the Urban Experts bureau is working on the interior design of Megamall.

For the Urban Experts team, this is another victory in the tender, proof of professionalism and ability to solve problems of high complexity.

Prior to this, the company was chosen as the chief designer of the second phase of Rive Gauche (Kiev), Apollo (Dnipro), Oasis (Kiev), food hall in Lavina Mall and now is involved in a number of other large-scale projects.

Urban Experts has a long experience of cooperation with the developer Mandarin Plaza Group, which creates the Megamall network (Ocean Mall – the third link of a large-scale network) and has established itself as a reliable architecture contractor.


To exceed expectations

– In the era of omnichannel, offline retail does not disappear and physical premises are needed even more than before, – says Vitalii Boiko, CEO of Urban Experts, author of the marketing concept for Ocean Plaza, Lavina Mall, Blockbuster Mall, Ocean Mall, Respublika and dozens of other malls.

– The competition with online retail is so high that it is the retail space that should be another reason for visiting the mall. In such conditions, increased requirements for the interior arise. Especially when it comes to a shopping center in the city center, which long before opening attracts the attention of both retailers and consumers – Ocean Mall.

The concept of an object is based on the desire to achieve excellence and exceed expectations: it must stay ahead of trends and use the technologies of the future. The mall is considered as a platform for entering the market for long-awaited brands in Ukraine that have not yet been presented on the market. These brands are waiting for a mall to be a bright start.

Ocean Plaza, a neighbor and partner of Ocean Mall, became a finalist in 2013 for the title of the best mall in the world. Now we clearly see a goal in front of us – to create the best shopping center in the world. And we have no limits.

“In this project, we are the authors of the marketing concept, and we “ feel ” this object well. We often accompany design and construction, providing consulting services in one facility, – says Vitalii Boiko. – For us, this is the usual format of work. Dozens of shopping and entertainment centers are already working on the market and are preparing to launch them, which we have accompanied or continue to accompany – Lisova Mall, Hippodrome Mall, April City, White Lines, Smart Plaza Obolon. We know these buildings in detail.


Architectural tools for retail space

Ocean Mall is an object that requires a unique approach to interior design. Non-standard tasks fall into the field of responsibility of designers.

The first is to highlight the work of architects. The six-storey house 40 meters high, from the lower level of which you can see glass lanterns, seems light and weightless.

Інтер'єр Ocean Mall: що всередині айсбергу?

Architects and designers have created super-thin floors, giant spans, huge atriums, bridges that seem to hang in the air. This is a successful architectural solution for the “right” retail space.

The task of the design is to “frame” the contents of the shopping center while maintaining the volumes. The main competitor of the shopping center was, is, and will be a shopping street for a long time. The main disadvantage of a shopping center compared to a shopping street is its closed space. Both architecture and design in shopping centers struggle with it. Retail premises that receive the maximum amount of light attract more people – they are comfortable being where the sky is visible.

In addition, large visual volumes in the mall provide an overview of shop windows and signs between floors, and make it easier for visitors to find the right store.


Another important goal is to “hide” engineering systems in a building of the highest level of complexity.

Very often, design is the last link in the chain after architecture and engineering; it is “adapted” for engineering systems. But in Ocean Mall, the space is being worked out in an integrated manner. Both constructive and engineering are developed simultaneously with an understanding of what the final interior solutions will be.

Leading architect of Urban Experts Boris Slazhnev notes that the team solves design issues with architectural principles.

“This is not about creating a” shell “with shape or color. We strive to focus on constructiveness: so that the space remains expressive without unnecessary “decorations”.

The design image of the shopping center is based on the name – Ocean Mall. Ocean Plaza is a powerful brand, and everyone associates this point on the city map with the word “Ocean”.

Ocean Plaza facade – ocean waves. The Ocean Mall iceberg rises above the waves – this is the symbol chosen by the chief architects of the project – A. Pashenko’s workshop.

When creating interiors, Urban Experts continued to reveal this idea. Our “Ocean” has both shining ice and tropical islands.

However, even a stunning effect at the first impression should not be dominant when visiting a mall. The priority remains with the shop windows.

How design and architecture help achieve business goals

Architecture cannot be “a monument to itself”. In real life, it performs utilitarian functions – especially in commercial real estate.

The design of a shopping center is a must-have wow effect, an environment in which a person is rarely on regular routes. At the same time, the design should not distract attention from the shop windows. He should be noble, solid, respectable – a worthy basis for brand presentation.

– In retail facilities, the priority is the interests of tenants, – says Boris Slazhnev. – We form a space that corresponds to the logic of a shopping center as a commercial building. We provide visibility of shop windows, an opportunity for brands to position themselves in the mall. Everything tenants need is included in the Ocean Mall.


“Ocean Mall is a facility that embodies the company’s long-term experience of cooperation with tenants, primarily with well-known international brands,” continues Vitaly Boyko. – Maximum convenience is created for business. The main shopping floors of the Ocean Mall will feature a full line of brands – from premium to more affordable. Expensive materials are used here, each of which is worthy of a photo on Instagram. In the main facility of the country, it is impossible to do without premium brands, which are waiting for the appearance in Kiev of a space corresponding to their status. Our offer is a “luxury iceberg” in Megamall Ocean. The mall will become an “expensive frame” for premium fashion.

The light-colored design of the fashion galleries becomes more intense on the upper floors dedicated to entertainment and restaurants. The restaurant offer is presented in various formats – food courts, food hall, family restaurants. This zone will be decorated in a unique design – with a reference to tropical islands.


The beauty of the textures and textures of the materials used in the Ocean Mall interior will be revealed in the lighting. Architecture first makes it possible to show the uniqueness of jewelry in daylight.

Outside of natural light – specially designed lighting solutions – discrete, RGB, lighting with different scenarios. All this is done to ensure that even regular visitors feel a new experience when interacting with the mall.

Media screens will also provide a permanent effect of novelty. There will be a lot of them in Ocean Mall: outside – on the facades, and inside – on the floor, ceiling, columns. In Ukraine, this is a familiar but rarely used technology. In “Megamall number 1” it will be demonstrated on an unprecedented scale.

Already, Ocean Mall is being born in the synergy of innovative technologies, thoughtfulness of details, complex work of architects, planners, designers, consultants and brokers, and the common desire of the team and developer to create the best shopping and entertainment center in the country.

The first results of the work are highly appreciated by international experts. The mall was named the best retail facility in Ukraine according to the International Property Awards. This is definitely a good start on the path to being named World’s Best Shopping Center.

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February 14, 2020

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