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    Development of concept designs for new local community shopping developments in Saudi Arabia.

    • Client: Kinan
    • Community mall concepts
    • Creating retail and leisure for new communities
    • Retail, food and beverage, public realm
    • Associated complimentary uses such as sporting facilities


    Leslie Jones Architecture has been commissioned to develop retail and leisure concept designs for a series of emerging communities in the Middle Eastern Kingdom.

    The designs, which are required to be scalable and flexible, will provide for the shopping and lifestyle needs of these new local destinations incorporating a supermarket, fashion, local retailing and food and beverage. While each of the schemes is individual, the layouts are generally of an open street format, bringing a variety of spaces and routes to create a characterful and dynamic place.

    Vital to the success of the prototypes was Leslie Jones’ ability to understand the client’s needs and the particular physical challenges of the region. The team applied their extensive knowledge of international retail destinations to bring these local requirements together and meet, or surpass, the client’s requirements and vision.


    January 19, 2017