Urban Experts and NAI Ukraine have developed a concept for a shopping center in Troieshchyna

Urban Experts and NAI Ukraine have developed a concept for a shopping center in Troieshchyna

The Urban Experts architectural bureau in collaboration with the NAI Ukraine consulting company have developed a concept for a shopping center in the Troieshchyna neighborhood in Kiev.

Urban Experts’ main task was to create infrastructure in an area where there is a significant lack of it. The expediency of the appearance of a shopping center in this area is supported by detailed marketing research by NAI Ukraine, which confirmed the need for an object of a certain area, determined the functions of the shopping center and substantiated the future tenant-mix.

The specifics of the place have been taken into account: a preliminary analysis of the location guarantees ease of use for pedestrians, public transport passengers and the organization of competent logistics for motorists. The joint work of architects and consultants makes it possible to develop effective planning solutions, thanks to which the object receives a highly profitable financial model.

Shopping center in Troieshchyna hypermarket, fashion gallery, food hall

Considering that there is a concrete jungle around, the architects strove for the facade and interior filling of the building to bring variety and elements of “naturalness” into the general landscape of the area. Ecotrend in everything: starting with the materials used to decorate the facade of the shopping center and the modern lighting system and engineering structures. The shopping center will have atrium spaces, glass lanterns and panoramic glazing – thanks to these details, more natural light will get inside.

The architectural feature of the project will be its dynamic facade, open to the street, which will attract visitors. The internal structure of the shopping center is planned in such a way that the windows of all operators are clearly visible from different parts of the building.

The commercial concept of the facility, developed by experts from NAI Ukraine, provides for the placement of tenants in it, who will meet the daily needs of a large flow of people. On the basement floor of the 3-storey shopping center there will be a supermarket with an area of 6,000 square meters, shops with various categories of goods, a farmer’s market and a restaurant area in the form of a food hall.

Food hall is planned to open on the second and third floors. A stage will be built on the lower level, and restaurant operators will work on both levels.

It is the food hall that will become a showcase of the district’s restaurant business, and, finally, the social center of modern Troieshchyna.

According to NAI Ukraine experts, such a set of tenants is sufficient to ensure a stable operation of the shopping and entertainment center. However, the quality of the property is a basic component of commercial success.

There is a misconception that when building a small, district-level shopping center, compromises on quality are acceptable. This is not true. We do not assume any compromises: a world-class shopping center project has been developed in Troieshchyna, without any “discounts” caused by the size or location, – said Vitaly Boyko, CEO of NAI Ukraine and Urban Experts. – Our team has a solid understanding of the global market. In addition, thanks to cooperation with large customers in Ukraine, a significant amount of expertise and understanding of the local market has been accumulated.


Despite the fact that many giant shopping and entertainment centers appear in Kiev, they will not accumulate all flows. It is still convenient for people to shop and visit restaurants near their home.

We are successfully developing concepts for not only huge, but also relatively small, transit-oriented facilities that bring the infrastructure closer to the consumer. When they are located in transport hubs and in good locations, this guarantees resilience to market challenges and a highly profitable business for many years. However, even in the best location, a successful shopping center cannot be created without preliminary detailed research and unique shopping architecture, says Vitalii Boiko.

October 10, 2019

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