Urban Experts and NAI Ukraine on the Board of Directors of the Confederation of Builders of Ukraine

Urban Experts and NAI Ukraine on the Board of Directors of the Confederation of Builders of Ukraine

Urban Experts and NAI Ukraine on the Board of Directors of the Confederation of Builders of Ukraine

On October 8, at an expanded meeting of members of the CBU, the architectural bureau Urban Experts and the consulting company NAI Ukraine joined the Board of Directors of the Confederation of Builders of Ukraine.

The main mission of the Confederation of Builders of Ukraine is to improve the regulatory framework, implement programs for the construction of affordable housing, improve the investment climate, establish transparent standards for the development of the construction complex for further integration into the European and world space.

Urban Experts and NAI Ukraine are a group of two companies created for the successful implementation of a development project by leading developers.

At the beginning of any project, the developer has a rhetorical question: what to build?

  • What type of property to choose and with what characteristics?
  • What is the buyer willing to pay the maximum possible money for?
  • How quickly can you sell an apartment if you build a residential complex?
  • What do office and shopping center tenants need and what are they willing to pay the largest rent for?
  • How to make the project as profitable as possible?

The concept answers these questions – it is a draft design, created on the basis of research and confirmed by a business plan. We do it within the framework of the NAI Ukraine company, part of NAI Global – one of the three largest world consultants.

But creating a concept is only the first step. The second is not to lose the main ideas of the concept in the design process. To this end, we are a team of designers Urban Experts, in collaboration with the British architectural bureau Leslie Jones Architecture, who create the world’s best objects, we carry out a full range of architectural services, including working documentation for construction.

During the construction process, our team, combining the efforts of NAI Ukraine and Urban Experts, is constantly working on adapting and updating the project in accordance with the requirements of the consumer.

The next step is commercialization: our team of NAI Ukraine brokers is successfully working on the rental and sale of commercial real estate. Working as part of the global brand NAI Global, we have the opportunity to cooperate with well-known companies in the world: H&M, IKEA, OSCE, City Bank and many others.

The final stage of a successful project is stable management. One of the successful examples is the Lavina Mall. In two years, the NAI Ukraine team has brought the mall to a new level and the project has become super profitable.

In parallel with all stages, our team attracts investors, provides loans and finds buyers.

It is important to note that we understand the local market, and therefore the prices for our services are affordable, and the quality is at the level of the best world standards.

“We have decided to join the Board of Directors of the CBU, because we see great prospects for our cooperation. We plan to further develop the initiatives of the Confederation of Builders and the construction industry directly at the international level. Thanks to our range of services, Ukrainian developers have access to global financial resources “

We remind you that Urban Experts officially joined the Confederation of Builders of Ukraine in August 2020


October 20, 2020

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