Urban Experts officially joins the Confederation of Builders of Ukraine

Urban Experts became a member of the largest specialized association of Ukrainian business in the construction industry – the Confederation of Builders of Ukraine (hereinafter – the «KBU»). The confederation includes more than 700 companies and professional associations in all regions of Ukraine.

The main mission of the Confederation of Builders of Ukraine is to improve the regulatory framework, implement programs to build affordable housing, improve the investment climate, establish transparent standards for the development of the construction industry for further integration in Europe and the world.

The Urban Experts team has more than 15 years of successful experience in cooperation with leading construction companies on the CIS market inclusively. In particular, our clients are UDP, KAN Development, Mandarin Plaza, Kyivmiskbud, Bank Arkada, Argo Real Estate Fund and others. Our company provides full-fledged architectural services for these clients in the field of mixed-use projects, as well commercial and residential projects.

Today we can talk about the maturity of the real estate market, and increasingly demanding consumers is the main driver of quality world-class architecture. Objects compete neither in price, nor in location, but in architecture.

The main advantage of Urban Experts is that we offer British architecture at the price of the local market, and our partners are Leslie Jones Architecture are leaders on the British architecture market.

In addition, Urban Experts is among few companies in Ukraine that is eligible to conduct environmental certification under the BREEAM criteria. Our goal is to make its application massive and save the planet.

“By joining the KBU, Urban Experts plans to develop the construction industry in Ukraine, as well as promote business in the international arena. Moreover, we are an ardent promoter of the environmental friendliness and environmental awareness. I can safely tell that mutual cooperation and our joint potential will help strengthen the Ukrainian business environment “- comments the CEO of Urban Experts Vitalii Boiko


The Confederation of Builders of Ukraine was established in 2011 and is a non-profit organization. It unites the leading builders and developers of Ukraine to promote construction industry and the country’s economy as a whole as well to improve the investment climate.

Urban Experts is a unique team that brings together consultants, brokers, architects, designers with international experience.

August 4, 2020

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