“Live. Shop. Work. Play” concept property will be built in Ukraine

“Live. Shop. Work. Play” concept property will be built in Ukraine

Architecture companies Urban Experts & Leslie Jones have finished working on the architectural redevelopment project of the factory site in the central part of Kiev. The first property, developed in accordance with the “Live. Shop. Work. Play” concept, will be built in the city center of the capital. This site will form a symbiosis of business class residential and office spaces, and a shopping mall with a vast recreational area. The overall area of the site will be 100 000 sq.m.

“Implementation of this project will allow Kiev to embrace world architectural trends. The concept “Live. Shop. Work. Play” suggests the creation of separate neighborhoods with developed infrastructure that provides everything necessary for comfortable life for its residents”, – explains Vitaliy Boyko, the founder of Urban Experts.

In his interview for the Across magazine, James Cons, Managing Director of Leslie Jones Architecture and exclusive Urban Experts’ partner in Ukraine and Eastern Europe, noted that an increasing number of developers choose to redevelop sites in order to broaden their functional purpose. The redevelopment of these multifunctional sites offers everything from food and leisure facilities, to new workplaces and residential spaces, in order to meet customer demands.

Foreign architects predict that “Live. Shop. Work. Play” will become a key concept in architecture in the following years.


January 26, 2017