Urban Experts invited to design cottage complex in the Republic of Kazakhstan

Urban Experts invited to design cottage complex in the Republic of Kazakhstan

Following a number of crises in post-Soviet countries, there has been a drastic change in the preferences for suburban residential real estate units that potential buyers have. Audit, i.e. conception and design of suburban real estate is one of the services that the architectural company Urban Experts delivers.

Thanks to the knowledge of Urban Experts architects, the leading Ukrainian professionals in the industry, as well as the international expertise of Leslie Jones Architecture bureau in the UK, Urban Experts create commercially viable real estate projects considering both the preferences of CIS citizens and the wold class architecture.

Urban Experts was invited by developer from the Republic of Kazakhstan to conduct the re-conception of a cottage complex, i.e. to revise the master plan and design suburban residential real estate. Urban Experts will also create a recreation zone of the complex as well as its infrastructure.

UE architects, together with Leslie Jones, the leading British architecture firm, developed 7 cottage types, 2-storey house and townhouse projects, 3-storey apartment houses and enhanced the plan schemes of the existing cottages. UE architects planed entertainment and recreation zones in the complex and designed restaurants, spa-centers, playground and elling for yachts.

Urban Experts team carried out an audit of the cottage complex, analyzed the target audience’s preferences and, based on the information they obtained, created the re-conception scheme that, apart from being an example of international class architecture will provide commercial success of the project and bring sheer satisfaction to future inhabitants of the residential complex. I’m certain that it’s our comprehensive approach that makes our services remain in high demand not only in Ukraine, but also abroad”, – says Vitalii Boiko, the founder and CEO of Urban Experts.

Urban Experts

Urban Experts, Ukraine’s exclusive partner to one of the world’s best architecture bureaus, Leslie Jones architecture, provides world-class architectural services in all segments of real estate in Ukraine, Eastern Europe, the CIS and the Baltic States. Urban Experts works with the Ukrainian real estate market leaders, including UDP, KAN Development, Mandarin Plaza, Kyivmiskbud, Arkada Bank, Argo Real Estate Fund and many others.

April 20, 2018

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