Vitalii Boiko and Valentin Uvarov – speakers at the URE Club event «Modern city: how to create a comfortable space»

Vitalii Boiko and Valentin Uvarov – speakers at the URE Club event «Modern city: how to create a comfortable space»

Vitalii Boiko and Valentin Uvarov – speakers at the URE Club event «Modern city: how to create a comfortable space»

On September 15, Vitalii Boiko, CEO of Urban Experts / NAI Ukraine, and Valentin Uvarov, head of the conceptual architecture department at Urban Experts, spoke at the URE Club event «Modern City: How to Create a Comfortable Space».

The event was envisaged the format of a case marathon with successful projects.

For their part, Vitalii Boiko and Valentin Uvarov presented the concept of creating a comfortable and efficient smart area on the example of the renovation of the Zhastar residence.

«Urban Experts has unique knowledge of how to use smart technologies in the construction of microdistricts, thanks to international experience and collaboration with a top English architectural bureau, we know how to apply such technologies in modern urban projects,» says Vitalii Boiko, CEO Urban Experts / NAI Ukraine.

Valentin Uvarov adds: «Smart neighborhoods are a highly effective commercial project that can improve the urban environment and the quality of life. »

«Another advantage of Urban Experts is that the experts not only develop an effective concept, but also have experience in coordinating such a project in accordance with the legislation.»

During their speech, they presented two options for the renovation of a residential area in Kazakhstan, and also talked about the basic smart principles required for ordering.

These principles include:

Smart environment («green energy», improving the energy efficiency of buildings and saving resources in operation)

– Use of renewable energy sources and minimization of resource consumption.

– The introduction of intelligent network technologies – smart home and the like.

– Control and optimization of traffic and parking within the neighborhood.

– Digitalization of the environment – advertising media, scoreboards and public Wi-Fi.

– Mobility (popularization of bicycles and electric vehicles)

– Lifestyle (eco-thinking, healthy lifestyle, fruitful interaction between residents)

During the event, the speakers noted the advantages of renovating such neighborhoods: «Smart renovation projects are a win-win strategy for both residents of existing neighborhoods and investors in new development».

Benefits of a smart renovation project:

  1. Significant improvement in the external and residential characteristics of residential buildings in general
  2. Rational use of the city’s territory for building
  3. Expansion of sites for new housing construction
  4. Organization and order of movement of transport and pedestrians:

– Allocation of entrances / exits, direction of travel, parking places

– Pedestrian safety: allocate more sidewalks and safe areas for pedestrians

– The emergence of bike paths and storage spaces for bicycles, which will have a positive effect on the ecology of the neighborhood and the health of residents

  1. Socialization of the neighborhood:

– Drawing up stop points for residents where you can relax, connect to Wi-Fi, etc.

– Organization of leisure for children – pedestrian zones, sports and playgrounds

  1. Improving the comfort of life:

– Expansion of green areas and recreational areas

– Improving the safety of residents – courtyards closed from cars, a ballard, video surveillance

– Solution of important infrastructural problems – storm sewers and the location of heating mains

– Improvement of household items – waste collection points, including for animals, drinking water points

– Improving the quality of life for people with disabilities: ramps, tactile walkways

– Organization of information support for the microdistrict with the regulation of advertising

  1. An impetus for a new round of business development of the microdistrict – further development of commerce and services for new residents

Finally, Vitalii Boiko noted, «There are a lot of Soviet-built areas in Ukraine, which, of course, need redevelopment and renovation using smart technologies. The main problem is the unwillingness of the authorities to solve the problems of such microdistricts. Therefore, we officially declare that we are ready to develop a renovation concept using smart technologies for any microdistrict in Kiev. »

September 25, 2020

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