Power Court and Newland Park Leslie Jones Architecture

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Power Court and Newland Park

A £200m scheme with venues for live sport, residential apartments and retail and leisure

  • Client: Luton Town Football Club
  • 600 residential units
  • 22,500-seat in-town stadium
  • In and edge of town retail and leisure offering

Leslie Jones Architecture was brought on board by Luton Town Football Club and AndArchitects to assist in the development of a masterplan for a new in-town stadium and mixed-use scheme alongside an edge-of-town development, which will deliver significant inward investment for Luton.

The AndArchitects 22,500 capacity stadium is being designed to sit on the largely vacant Power Court site in the heart of Luton town. The in-town proposals include complementary sports-focused retail and restaurant space as well as 600 apartments to help address Luton’s need for more homes. The brief is to create a landmark stadium and supported uses that will draw in visitors, while making Luton an aspirational place to live and work.

Leslie Jones is also advising on uses and design of a significant edge-of-town scheme, Newlands Park, at J10 of the M1, making use of existing infrastructure provision. The scheme is being developed in concert with the in-town scheme to ensure a complementary mix of uses that will help reinvigorate the town centre while bringing a new offer to Luton. The out-of-town scheme will be leisure-led with an extensive food and beverage offer, gym, bowling cinema and retail. The proposals also include 4 office buildings and an Hotel

The scheme has seen Leslie Jones work in partnership with AndArchitects to create an appealing masterplan with iconic designs for both sites.

February 14, 2017