Former Airport Site Leslie Jones Architecture

Проектирование объектов торговой недвижимости

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    Former Airport Site

    Delivery of a masterplan for the transformation of the former Airport into a residential led mixed-use lifestyle destination.

    • Client: Sutton Harbour Holdings
    • Residential, retail and community uses
    • Comprehensive urban planning scheme

    With extensive experience of large-scale regeneration projects, Leslie Jones Architecture has led on the masterplanning for a new urban district on the site of the former Airport, which has been closed since 2011.

    The retail-led development will revive this disused brownfield site, creating a new community with residential, retail, leisure and dining spaces as well as community facilities, such as a new park. In developing the plans, the Leslie Jones team worked closely with all stakeholders, including the council to ensure the scheme meets the needs of the local area.

    The redevelopment plans for the airport site will breathe new life into this underutilised site and be a trigger for further development in the area.

    16 февраля, 2017